Taste like a professional Sommelier | online course

ยท May 6 2020

Take advantage of your time at home. Impress family and friends.


This is the world's first online wine tasting course.

All you need is an internet connection ... and one or two bottle of wines in front of you.

I'm a professional Sommelier (AIS certified) and I will teach you how to taste like a pro.

The course is totally customisable to the level of the participants.

Get ready! It'll be fun. Start opening the bottles!

What's Included:

The Plan

Part 1 (1 hour)

In the first hour, we will explore the basics of wine tasting: 

  • The difference between objective, subjective and emotional evaluation of wine
  • The don't and don'ts of wine tasting
  • The stages of the organoleptic (sensorial) analysis. 

Each of us, doesn't matter where we are, will open the bottles and get it started!

  • The Score Form - what is it? how to use it?
  • Visual Examination: how's the clarity? consistency? what about the color? maybe we got effervescence to check?

Part 2 (1 hour)

After a short pause, let's look at the wine in the nose and in the mouth.

  • Olfactory examination
    • Intensity, complexity, quality, description - what do they mean?
    • Grape varieties and their traditional scents
    • Primary, secondary and tertiary aromas
  • Taste-olfactory examination
    • Sugars, acids, alcohols, tannins, polyalcohols, minerality
    • Structure, balance, intensity, length, quality
    • It sounds difficult - but don't be scared. I'll guide you and it becomes easy

We'll finish with a toast and ... cheers!


"I'm the latest addition to the team! I'm passioned about wine and I'm a certified Sommelier. Thanks to Tom and Olly I have discovered the surprising variety and quality of English wines. This summer I'll be your guide: we'll discover together English wines, walking in the vineyards and I will guide your sensorial testing - do you want to taste like a professional sommelier? Born in Italy. Lived in 9 countries. I have experience with tours in Italy, Belgium, Dubai, Abu Dhabi and Shanghai."